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Hidden world history

This unusual documentary is one you won't find elsewhere, as it was privately produced and distributed by Al Fry late 70's or begin 80's. He labored to try and get the word out about the dangers of the global elites, but then as now the public was not very interested in the truth. Some of the information in this documentary you have probably heard of by now from other sources, but Al's style and added metaphysical insights deliver an original presentation unique in the field of political conspiracy research. Archive yourself a copy if this one interests you, as it's original distribution was *very* limited and may not show up elsewhere again. Topics include, global banking cartels, elites, war, ancient history, manipulation of the population, human origins, ethics, metaphysics, alien intelligence, Nazism, US Politics, Communism, Secret Societies, Earth changes and too much more to list. (text by Tkra from ) find more info about Al Fry at:
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"The striking similarity of entheogenic experiences to dream experiences tempts us to seek answers as to whether the benefits of dreaming are potentially linked to the benefits of entheogens. The molecular action of visions produced by dreaming is quite possibly very similar to visions produced by entheogenic drugs. Carefully designed research could lend great insight into the mystery of dreaming, the potential therapeutic value of entheogens, and the potential for neurochemical advances."
DMT : The Secrets of Sleep

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