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See with eyes closed - Bronnikov method

A videorecord telling about the unique system of human development, utilizing which one is able to develop extrasensoric abilities, including direct vision with one's brain with closed eyes. Also contains unique facts and scientific opinions, medical research results and demonstrations of supernatural abilities. Bronnikov method school in Moscow Center of Human Development.
YouTube - Unique video of people who can see with their eyes closed

Bronnikov method

People that learned Bronnikov method can see with closed eyes (masks blindfolded eyes), can well orient themselves in surrounding space, can read texts, can do the energy and informational examination and functional correction of their organisms, and can help other people. Blind people who learned Bronnikov method got alternative vision (people with bad eyesight can considerably improve common vision), deaf people can get the alternative hearing, paralysed people begin to move and serve themselves, people with diabetes can stop the progress of their decease and decrease their dependence from insulin. Vyacheslav Bronnikov thinks that there is nothing special in such events. He says: %u201CWe just develop our hidden abilities%u2026%u201D In the base of Bronnikov method is one of tendency of secret Dao Yoga, the number of special exercises adapted for modern people. This method develops energy structures of body, harmonizes blood circulation, activates the cerebrum and vegetative nervous system functioning, increases immunity, and therefore makes you younger. Bronnikov method is unique because it gives a lot and at the same time it is approachable to everyone: to child and to adult. The method doesn%u2019t require you to leave your job and family. On the contrary it increases success, both in your personal life, and in your social life. Everyone, who studies Bronnikov method, will surely find everything necessary. Health, Success, Wealth and Spiritual growth will come to you when you come to Bronnikov method.
Bronnikov method

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