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EUX.TV - the Europe channel

EUX.TV brings a mix of video news reports, commentaries, interviews with EU newsmakers, full-fledged documentaries and any other type of video relating to European affairs. EUX.TV also monitors the video output of the European institutions and selects newsworthy clips, soundbites and other types of ‘official’ video output that could be worth watching by a wider audience.
As a small, private media venture, EUX.TV is not dependent on institutional subsidies. Thanks to no-cost platforms such as YouTube and Wordpress, and a small team of enthusiastic volunteers, EUX.TV can stay around as an independent source of EU-related news and information.
The branded channel on YouTube is EUX.TV’s main outlet, but you can find EUX.TV videos across various video websites, like Metacafe, DailyMotion and others. The EUX.TV website is being developed in the channel’s central location on the web, drawing together journalistic videos about the EU that are posted on various video-sites.
Since March 2009, the EUX.TV newsroom is located in Brussels in the International Press Centre.
EUX.TV is a not-for-profit project made possible by White Bull Communications BV, a private Dutch company specialized in WebTV and video production services. White Bull is founded and owned by former CNBC reporter Raymond Frenken, now a Brussels-based freelance journalist. Frenken also manages the EUX.TV project.
White Bull offers video training, especially for newspaper journalists; webtv consultancy; camjo services for print journalists; and film report production services in the Benelux countries.
Currently (February 2009) EUX.TV draws upwards of 5000 video views per day via its YouTube channel, with occasional peaks in excess of 25,000 views per day.
EUX.TV - the Europe channel %u2014 EUX.TV - the Europe channel An independent video blog reporting on EU affairs and European politics.

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