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Schools are brainwashing children

What could be a more sadistic thing to do than to put children on a chair and force them to sit there their entire youth?

School has been designed to weed out thinking people, we have been conditioned to call this poor concentration. Those who preform best in all branches of education are those who can mindlessly reproduce data. The human equivalent of a robot. To make society work we need all kinds of people not a narrow scope of walking libraries.

They have such huge memory there is no need to think about anything it is 100% reproduction. This also means they neither have the time nor the skills for critical analysis of the material they accept for facts.

A simple example of this rigged game is the combustion engine that powers our civilization. We have the least potential students in this area, those without imagination and without memory, this while absolutely everything depends on the efficiency of our combustion engines. There are thousands of patents and hundreds of examples of cars that do 200 mpg or more dating back to the 1800's. The only thing that can be done to prevent such improvements from entering the market is by rigging education. (The Wankel engine is just one example of a far superior motor.) This means that our current 20 mpg vehicles burned at least a thousand years worth of petroleum in one hundred years. It also means products that costed 10 $ in 1950 should really have costed 1 $ Not just one product but practically everything from farming to fishing.

The robot human establishment would call it a stupid idea. Because ideas are stupid in their views. It's not that they are evil people, they just don't have any imagination.

John Kanzius & Rustum Roy: "MRI paper...on scientific confirmation of burning of water... "

Professor Канарёв Ф.М. (Kanarev): "A new theory conclusively demonstrated the inaccuracy of the current interpretation of the experiments of Faraday, Hertz, Compton, Fresnel, Young, the Michelson - Morley experiment, and - the failure of the postulate of Bohr, the formula for calculating the radius of Schwarzschild black holes, the limited capacity of the Schrödinger equation. Einstein's formula for calculating the photoelectric effect for which he received the Nobel Prize, completely distorted its physical meaning."

More scientists and inventors confirming Water fueled cars are not childish delusion, fringe, quack etc etc

The only way such technology can stay under wraps is by eliminating everyone who can actually think in the process called education.

Doctors and professors are nothing to look up to, they know lots of things but they cant think for themselves. The only possible reason the work of Royal Rife could have been discarded was by collective non thought combined with 100% non investigation.

It should no longer be a miracle why the best job one can get after studying theoretical physics is university professor! The entire field of "expertise" is detached from reality, loaded with nay sayers who are not planing to ever look into any evidence that refutes their education.

It should be extremely obvious the theoretical physics professor is not going to touch an engine in any stage of his research.

The field was formerly called natural philosophy! LOOOL!

I'm furious with all those brainless morons who are destroying my planet while spewing their filth at my vast creativity.

Learning is for the purpose of application. The moment learning becomes a goal in it self it is no longer something useful. We have plenty of arts that serve no practical purpose but non of them is using a clearly and obviously 100% rigged peer review scams to moderate things out of the field. Schools teach not to apply knowledge but to oppose it.

An example stupid enough for a child to see what is wrong is the negative numbers. In the real world there are no negative values.

You can only subtract 2 apples from 2 apples, then there are no more apples.

You can not have a basket with -2 apples in it and you most definitely can-not have -2 baskets with -2 apples each. But the irrationality really strikes gold where this would equate to having a total of 4 apples left!

-2 * -2 = 4

Yeah, right! hallelujah peoples!

We can spend billions failing to confirm Einsteins plagiarized unified field theory. But when people discover a way to burn salt water we can right out dismiss it.

Meanwhile back in the real world the 4 billion starving people could not care less if Jew Einsteins plagiarism is true or false.

They kinda want something to eat or just something to drink! We can draw water straight from the atmosphere. So, universe here we come! Space travel is now cheap and available for all!

You wanted ore? Well.... the chunks of ore up there range up to millions of times bigger than our planet so who are we kidding but ourselves I ask you?

Make kids sit still on chairs their entire youth and punish them for thinking for themselves? What monster could defend such awful idea?

I'd say off with his head!