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The US military now holds over 3000 classified energy patents under the national security act. (perpetual tanks and drones are very dangerous) but we do legally get to have geothermal, solar, wind and fusion technology the concept of energy accounting (how ever appealing and beautiful) really is no longer needed to create the desired effect/society.

The world has become a lot smaller since the idea of a technology based society was first introduced some time in the 1800 when it became obvious that labor was no longer a necessity to produce goods.

In 1918, it became obvious to a group of outstanding scientists, engineers, and economists that technology was displacing man-hours of labor, leading to increased unemployment and lack of purchasing power.

Calling themselves the Technical Alliance, they embarked upon a survey of the energy and physical resources of the North American Continent. After fourteen years of intensive study, they were able to determine that at that time North America had the resources, both physical and energy, and the know-how, to produce an abundance for all of its citizens. What is lacked was a viable method to distribute both the message and the abundance. This inability to distribute abundance had led to the great depression in 1921 and the stock market crash of 1929.

Bankers and vested interests had engineered both an economic collapse (by means of phrohibition of both alcohol (fuel) and food (hemp)) and a world war (WAR IS A RACKET ).

Today however we are actually quite far building the technology based society with much help from technocrat/inventor Jacque Fresco ...

...with supporters counting in the millions and activists in the hundreds of thousands in response to the..

Project website:

As energy is now abundant the project fits the Technocrat agenda perfectly.

The pilot city will be build in New Zeeland. North America is of course important of course but the actual organization is much bigger now. Governments are small things that should obey it's people. Anyone is free to make tax deductible contributions. So the devices to make it so are already/still there and there is nothing or no one going to stop us.

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