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Why our world sucks,

I've seen people study amounts that made my stomach turn over just looking at it.

I have a rather bad memory compared to them but I do have my creativity that is some what excessive developed.  I would like to ask you " do you credit education?" because we have large numbers of people that value opinions over facts. You know as well as I do that that won't hold any proof of anything other then one's  "lack of brain".
  • On one side we have scientists doing research and having a theory about something.
  • On the other side we have the ape like uneducated, non-expert,  no-brain, dumb person ignorantly state the educated person was wrong based on opinion.

The opinion that exists without facts only relates to the person dumb enough to have it. It doesn't relate to any other subject sins the person needs no facts to make it. Do you see more value in opinion or in facts? If you want to claim your opinion really relates to the thing (not just to your observation) your not allowed to make the opinion before you look at the thing.

Lets confuse you with an example.....

Do you have any proof we didn't evolve out of apes? I see  more evidence on the "yes" side. My opinion would be: "people that claim they don't are more primitive and probably have more ape-like  DNA". I didn't try to proof stuff with my opinion, I based it on the facts. No it's not 100% valid BUT proof, evidence and arguments against it are so poor. All proof points in this direction.  I imagine you could be screaming for censorship like a true god-fan boy but I do hope you won't kill me over it like religious people do. We all know thats how religions get big. KILL KILL KILL  there is plenty proof.

I invent new things every day, every day people explain to me how well things wont work in their opinion. If nothing was  done to make it work the review relates to the owner not to the subject.

finish this line:

"the idea below could never give freedom of speech back to the world because......."

Now try to proof:  "How and why I can't make it work" My first question in response would be: "how do you know what I will do?" and:  "how will you proof  I will?" How could you ever know what will happen true my effort? Wild guessing maybe?