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The European radio network Euranet is causing a stir in the European media scene! The pan-European media consortium %u2013 an amalgamation of international, national, regional and local European broadcasters %u2013 gives reporting in Europe a whole new dimension. Euranet provides information about events in Europe no longer just from a national perspective but rather from a transnational one. Euranet's aim is to set up better communication between European citizens and EU policy-makers, and so to respond to the expectations of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION and the 'White Paper on a European Communication Policy' launched by Margot Wallstr�m in February 2006.With its joint programmes and multi-lingual, interactive audio offerings, the new European network creates a sense of togetherness, improves European communication and further develops the much-debated European %u201Epublic sphere%u201C. This cross-border initiative is not only innovative, but also unique. It is potentially the key to solving European communication problems. The network of bilateral and multilateral co-operations with their new joint audio and online presence has fundamentally changed the European broadcasting scene. In addition to the current national media co-existence, the foundations have been laid for a pan-European co-operation. Euranet%u2019s joint broadcasts went on air at the beginning of April 2008.
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