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Laser Treatment could make incandescent bulbs as efficient as fluorescent

Professor Guo, "We've been experimenting with the way ultra-fast lasers change metals, and we wondered what would happen if we trained the laser on a filament.  We fired the laser beam right through the glass of the bulb and altered a small area on the filament. When we lit the bulb, we could actually see this one patch was clearly brighter than the rest of the filament, but there was no change in the bulb's energy usage."

The discovery was made after Professor Guo tinkered with the reverse phenomena -- a laser processed metal that was incredibly good at capturing light, making it almost a perfect black.  He figured that if this was possible, the reverse -- a material giving off light much more efficiently -- was also probable.  Professor Guo describes, 'There is a very interesting "take more, give more" law in nature governing the amount of light going in and coming out of a material'.
DailyTech - New Laser Treatment Could Make Incandescent Bulbs as Efficient as Fluorescent

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