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German cabaret artist Hagen Rether on Islam

This is an extract from a show of the possibly most prominent political cabaret in Germany called 'Scheibenwischer' ('wiper') where Hagen Rether, a brilliant and poignant satirist reflects on the climate for muslims in Germany.Did I personally take the time to create and translate the subtitles? Yes I did. So just try not to go ranting about the contents, just in case you wouldn't agree... you know. Show a little respect.And, in case you are German, try having uTube translate the English subtitles into German ones... and you know, you wouldn't want to watch a video with automagically translated subs... even though it might at least give you a clue what is said... and no, I don't know why I just wrote that in English.
YouTube - German cabaret artist Hagen Rether on Islam (English subs)

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