Mind and Memory Transfer

2006 - Even after these disappointing results were publicized, Pietsch and Schneider, along with other scientists, did not discard the idea. By 1970 “head transplants,” or White’s preferred terminology “full body transplants,” had been successfully conducted on primates. Fourteen years later, Dr. Robert White felt the techniques he used in these operations were advanced enough for human subjects (Weir & Human, 2004, 1988).
Mind or Memory Transfer: Is it a Possibility? « Screwed-up Medical Misfortunes

The average human is by no means ready for immortality. We are at a stage where reason and logic are still alien to the majority. Extending life to death will be like a search engine is to the pony express. All that comes without effort will be taken for granted and tossed aside as if a meaningless nuance.

2009 - We have the ability to cure all disease, extend life beyond 500 years and we can already transfer thoughts from one person to a clone. It doesn't take much more than to make contact and to slowly kill the original host.

But such efforts will only lead to amplify ignorance. We would end up giving birth to mutations that can not sustain life without artificial aids. Just like we allow the blind to see with glasses.

ignorance will dictate that all life is holly and that everything must be done to preserve some rich kid. The very same ignorance that currently prevents about 4 billion healthy people from having a decent life.

No, for now people in the west should die just like everyone else. There should be no immortality for you until the primary lesion we teach becomes the care for others. But until that day, may your death be slow and painful. :-)

They call the baby boom "generation ME". I thought that was highly appropriate. They idea the "ME" people would live forever would make a good theme for a horror movie.

Earth is a place for souls nobody wants anymore. Look around you, you know this to be true. It is A place to learn. What you are asking is to stay in kindergarten till the end of time.

Who needs a toilet if one can wear diapers?


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