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The Keshe Foundation invites scientific community to cooperation and collaboration

Is there a future for Boeing and NASA in the newly developed and released gravitational positioning systems, which burns no fuel and uses no propulsion and no rocket technology?

The time of Jet and rocket technology finally has come to its end.

What this new technology has offered to the nations which are developing the technology;

No uncertain take-offs and no uncertain landings, landing from any point on earth, no need for launch-pads,
No weightlessness in space, no re-entry heat Shields and the problems of the past,
no limited-payload, No need to put the life of the astronauts in danger.

Now space technology is open to every person and nation on earth
at the cost of a first class ticket to Moon and back in less than 10 years

The videos which we have put on the you-tub last week regarding creation of motion in universe, for systems developed which operate without burning of fuel and using magnetic field of the planet for take-off and landing.

Keshe Foundation invites scientists and managements of scientific institutes to the new world of

plasma, energy, motion and space technology

Through new principles of gravitational positioning.

These are some of the new first principles explained and systems developed and tested.

) How the Gravitational fields of the Earth are created through interaction of magnetic fields.

) The explanation of the content Matters of the plasma, this being of the Matter, the Antimatter and the Dark Matter and their interactions.

) How to achieve motion in space through understanding of motion of Matters of the plasma.

) The explanation of the principle of the creation of light, and creation of light around the crafts equipped with Magnetic and gravitational positioning systems which have been developed for the use in space travel in atmospheric conditions.

) How to achieve fusion of any plasmas' of neutron, proton or electron, through dilution of the plasma.

The radio presentation of technology .

This interview was done from Arizona on 20.7.2009 with Sterling Allen and M T Keshe on the anniversary of Apollo landing on the Moon, in respect to the new technology and explaining why the time of propulsion has come to an end.

Contact point

The Keshe Foundation 

Bright lights in the sky

The first presentations of the technology for public named the Bright lights in the sky.

These being lights created through the use of gravitational system in their environment. These presentation are for the confirmation of achieving lift and the flight capability through new understanding of creation of gravitational field forces with the use of these new systems.

These events will be held in
Asia on 21.3. 2010.
America on 21.4.2010
Europe on 21.5.2010
Africa On 21.6.2010
Australasian on 21.7.2010

Tickets for the event will be purchasable only through purchase from Keshe Foundation site.

Space travel announcement

The foundation will announce in the coming days that it will accept reservation and booking for gravitational system to space on the following dates and prices.

10 hours of flight above 60km departure 2014-2015.

Space flight to the Moon through gravitational systems the flight are scheduled for 2016-2017.

There are limited places on offer at this moment for all three presentations and flights.

No need for training as the passengers will be in gravitational condition as on earth ( you do not need to be trained to walk on earth, why should you need that in our crafts in possessions of internal gravitational field while you are in motion in space)

All bookings and reservations can be done through site of when booking channels are opened up latter before the end of the July.

Places can be reserved initially through

The Keshe Foundation.
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