Andrija PUHARICH: ELF-EMF Pollution Shield

Transformation into Scalar Longitudinal Waves
This paper will describe a novel method and means of defense against the global omnipresence of ELF emissions and other electromagnetic pollution. The use of ELF magnetic emissions in contemporary undeclared warfare is so new that there is little knowledge about it amongst both the lay public and experts in warfare. Therefore, this paper will rely on the history of the development of ELF warfare starting with Nikola Tesla’s pioneering work in the 1890s; its contemporary use by several nations; and some new research carried out by the author. This background material is to be found in Reference 1, an unpublished manuscript written by the inventor.
Andrija PUHARICH: ELF-EMF Pollution Shield (Transformation into Scalar Longitudinal Waves)

health, wave fields, radionics