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The Zeitgeist Movement
Open Source Ecology
Main Page - AdCiv
Transition Towns
Intentional Communities (ecovillages, community, communes, cohousing, coops, sustainable living...)
Alliance for a New Humanity
Altruists International - An Altruistic Community
Auroville, a universal city in the making - The World in Action
Who We Are - Damanhur Home Page
Fondation GoodPlanet : l'�cologie et l'environnement au coeur des consciences
Future Hi - Your Community for Visionary Art, Science, Technology & Spirituality
Global Ecovillage Network
Global Oneness Project
How You Can Change The World - FORUM - Welcome to - Imagine. Connect. Act.
J. Krishnamurti Online, the online repository of the authentic teachings of J. Krishnamurti
JAK Medlemsbank
Karavans: Preparing for a post Peak Oil world.
Kiva - Loans that change lives
KryssTal : Why The USA?
Peace and Conflict Monitor
NetSquared, an initiative of | remixing the web for social change
open science blog
National project comes to an end
Open Architecture Network | Improving living standards through collaborative design.
P2P Foundation
Peace Direct
Power Essence Self Improvement Success
Project Avalon
Project Camelot
THE SHIFT - A Movie Being Made by a Movement
TINY � Time Interchange of New York
SACC - Scotland Against Criminalising Communities
Transition Culture
Self-Sovereign Individual Project Text
SolvePoverty - Clicking to Give
SchNEWS - direct action protest demonstrations - free weekly newsletter - crap arrest, climate change, party, DIY, Brighton, animal rights, asylum, permaculture, privatisation, neoliberal, media, copyleft, globalisation
White Lies Dark Truth
World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations - About WANGO
Network of European Technocrats - News
The Solar Village is growing community of people sharing their knowledge of how to create sustainable communities. The Solar Village is a unique online community providing everyone in the world with the knowledge required to power our communities with 100% renewable energy.

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