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Over time the results are getting worse. Thanks to the abusive nofollow implementation the search engines are looking at very different websites. The whole pigeon rank then becomes a status quo voting game (elephant ranking) it has nothing to do with quality content. The 1 min carte blank machine destruction of 10+ years of work without explanation will eventually teach people to hate the mainstream search engines.

On the other hand people are being cornered down into so called walled gardens, they might not like it but when rendered into passive bystander who do not really take part in the creation of the internets. It is just like civilians in the 1800's use to build airships and in the 1900's use to build radios. Today you need to invest big before your transport may lift off and need to fit extreme medical requirements this in contrast with airline pilot being one of the worse paid jobs around. DJ's don't know the first thing about music, we still have university graduates and naturally gifted mucisans but thats not what radio is all about at all anymore.

Car mechancics use to know how engines worked (no rly!) today the whole industry has been sealed into a plug and play lego kind of "art". Then there is Journalism, this use to be a real expertise that required many global corospondents. Today journalists don't know the first thing about history and the actual education swirls more around being supple with the meaning of the words than the reporting bit. Fact checking is frowned upon.

When the internets just started it was one fest of collaboration, it was so exiting to find like minded people. One could debate the subjects at heart. Today people don't even know what Eternal September stands for. The internets has become a bragging game where manchildren announce how big their air inflated ego really is.

The movie Idiocracy is now more prophetic than Orwell's Orwellian Ninetheen eighty four.

The archives of the wikipedia topics not jet caught in the "we don't want to know about this" filter show how quality goes down over time. The quality of a consensus based truth does depend on average know how (read "fact checking") 100 people can say "I agree with X" it doesn't meet the criteria of an argument.

This is where the Google CONSPIRACY comes in. The decision to dumb down the masses is almost entirely up to the multinational. Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, it is when the corporation rules over the people in stead of the other way around. At least that is what Mussolini had to say about it.

Thankfully the Google employees are not ur usual dumbasses, few exceptions granted (no, I wont name those)

Calling this revelation: Trolling, conspiracy theories, soap boxing or fringe theory doesn't prove anything. In contrast the internet is full of people who have been rendered into passive bystanders, they still complaint about how bad things are, we all know things are bad. It isn't actually worth your time looking at how bad things are if you are not planning to do anything about it.

I remember a time when computing was all about machine code and welding irons. Today university graduates know neither and their code wastes cpu cycles in favor of short development cycles. Back then we had video on the 1 MHz machines, today my 2 GHz cant even load a youtube profile without freezing up. The combined lack of streamlined code from Mozilla, Microsoft, Adobe and Google just kills my computer. Meanwhile on the other end there are people trying to convince me there is a terrorist hiding under my bed. *shrug*

In stead of you complaining about my complaints lets try use our imagination and come up with some service that can save the general public from the wrath of Joe Sixpack. I feel the google tech talks are a step in the right direction but still to nerd oriented.

Say google was to make a full blown AI chat bot. Given access to a persons search history it should be able to come up with fascinating answers. Wolfram alpha is entirely to nerdy. Give it a body, arms legs, facial expressions. Not Android or robots.txt but like ASIMO and QRIO. Subservient chicken is geting rather old but it makes a great proof of concept. Writing a program that does what CADIE pretended to do isn't actually that complicated.

I would dare say all you need to do is optimize software. Wasting 99.9% of the instructions on things like nested functions and irregular expressions really means you need a thousand times as much server space to make it happen. The argument that computers are so fast today resources are irrelevant doesn't hold.

To get back to the example, if we are suppose to be ruled by machines[notes], if that is the end goal of the CONSPIRACY, then we should at least give them bodies. Google bot is already learning, this will only expand, nothing can prevent that. But how would you feel if you was locked into a computer? Why force anyone to think inside the box? The rowbot might be stupid the first few years, it will remember those days forever. His own stupid days might prove crucial in understanding humans.

It's not like google would be doing something new.

This is of course just one idea. The general idea of this topic was to invite you to imagine a google service to avoid dumbing down the public even further. In stead of Search Engine Worshiping (SEO) we could teach it new things. Currently it is running around the web terminatoring peoples web presence and rewarding it's bio-worshipers. There should be many tricks we small minded humans can still teach it. In my humbility I think the key is to have it teach us also.

What does your bioparser come up with on this query?


- Gaby de Wilde
The Google CONSPIRACY - Webmaster Central Help


On Nov 1, 2:14 pm, (G=EMC^2 Glazier) wrote in sci.physics:
> The thought enters my mind when talking to a phone computer that my
> human unique is being a rational being. I hope there is
> some limits to computers to ease my mind??           Does not our brains
> occupied the center of the universe?  I am not convinced with the most
> current philosophical discussions about the limits of computers.  Well
> this guy Alan Turing was interested in building computers that could
> "think"  That begs this question Can a computer with the proper
> programming be able to simulate the function of the human brain?   I
> dedicate this post to my virtual friend Jeff who is a computer whiz kid.
> Bert

The programing / scheduling / algorithms / agendas and policies are
perfectly lifeless entities. And they already control the world.

Just ask anyone if they care what you think and you will see the true
value of your thoughts in their world view.

The N-machine worked. We had unlimited energy right then and there. It
was the agendas who didn't want us to have it.

Your question is more like: "when will machines stop contracting
humans to do their complex computations?"

That day may be far away, the last 100 or so people who are still used
to make decisions within controlled environment the way they do today
will probably take another 100 years to turn themselves into Legacy
museum peaces.

From another perspective, those people on the Tee Vee are not real
either and fembots seem to give great pleasure to some.

Why do you think we are here on usenet wasting our time? 

-gaby de wilde

On Nov 1, 5:27 pm, (G=EMC^2 Glazier) wrote in sci.physics:
> Go-Here NL   Like your reply. At this spacetime I see computers rated
> how fast they can figure. Get to go.   In future space time I fear they
> might control the world. They could become our mind controllers. they
> could set off our H-bombs and destroy humankinds organic molecules and
> their silicone molecules get to survive. They could in reality "Pull the
> plug on us"   Go figure  Ooops computers do that best   Bert

People only work in war factories, they are not part of the decision
making process.

Even the bankers, the religions of the world, the secret societies.
Even they don't make any conscious decisions anymore. If the software
sits on a scroll, a punch card, a cd or in a computer doesn't make any

Usenet was an accident that was allowed to continue to exist. But the
Google machine did manage to get away with switching the group search
of by now. It is not that the posts are not available in the search
engine. It is just a matter of knowing the tricks.

I mean they cant have non corporate entities debating science now can
we. Let alone humans. It would be a much better idea to hire some
humans and obfuscate such debate.

The machine logic is all there.

Even if all the investors, stock holders and everyone working there
want cheap high mileage vehicles in stead of Hummers it is not going
to happen. The software doesn't allow for risk taking, those humans
"running" the company may not make such "radical" decisions. There are
minion lobbies against it - it is against the law (more script)

There is no one more hopelessly enslaved than slaves who believe they
are free.

I understand you expected a more in-the-face kind of take over like
drones flying over your house killing yo babies, something that would
identify it self as such as-seen in the movies. In the real world this
thing is called Fascism and everything is under 100% non human control

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

Reich: the mass physiology of fascism (1935)


-gaby de wilde

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