Soldering tutorial

I don't claim to be an expert at soldering, this is just my way of teaching my Dad how to solder from the other side of the country! Love ya work, Dad :-)
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Wednesday, 04 April 2007 - A very nice video. Lets give you A few extra tips:
  • First, you should put the cover on the wire before splitting it. That way you don't mess up the small wires after stripping it.
  • Second, you don't twist the wire but straighten them into a paint brush like shape.
  • 3rd, you don't really need to tin the wire with today's high tech wires and soldering stuff.
  • 4th, the small joint is done after the big one.
  • 5th, the wires don't go into the holes.
  • 6th, the wires should have a length difference
  • 7th, the wires should be stripped both long and short enough.
    You basically make a sandwich of the plug the wire and the tin. Then you put the hot iron on top. The tin melts into the wire down to the plug . The liquid is conducting the heat well - both of them heat up faster as it's a much larger surface. This also prevents the rest of the plug from heating up.

    The "old" method in my experience indeed takes 6 hands of which at least 1 should be heat resistant enough to hold the half melted plug.

    if you need soldering acid you use some lemon.