Carbon War Room

Our global industrial and energy systems are built on carbon-based technologies and unsustainable resource demands that threaten to destroy our society and our planet. Massive loss of wealth, expanding poverty and suffering, disastrous climate change, water scarcity, and deforestation are the end results of this broken system. This business-as-usual system represents the greatest threat to the security and prosperity of humanity a threat that transcends race, ethnicity, national borders, and ideology.

Systems do not change themselves the same stale, business-as-usual thinking that has driven us to our current state of emergency will continue to endanger our safety, our livelihoods, and our planet. We need new thinking, new leadership, and innovation to create a post-carbon economy. Our goal is not to undo industry, but to remake it into a force for sustainable wealth generation.

Governments and traditional non-profits do vital work, and their efforts to change global opinion and policy is essential in this fight. However, awareness and policy reform are not enough. It is time to reinvent our economic systems It is time to act It is time to implement solutions. We can no longer afford to be intimidated by the scope and magnitude of the climate crisis. It is essential that our most talented and driven individuals come together to win this war.
Carbon War Room
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