Technology beyond wildest imagination


More than fifty years of disinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better. This film is neither a work of fiction, nor a documentary. Forget the words "esoteric" or "fantastic", here we're speaking about REALITY…

This fantastic work of art simply goes beyond anyones wildest imagination. If anything this says a lot about how media brainwashed we are. Surely you disagree but in reality you are of a generation who doesn't even remember how to grow it's own food anymore. You are what you eat you whopper!

I'm not the least tempted to tell you this is all real but I can tell you there are lots of facts in this publication that do check out. If the things mentioned have one thing in common it is that our media and our scientific community is elaborately lying about the subjects. Surely you desire to guess you know what happened but I prefer the facts draped in proofs and I dismiss guess work as something simply to magical to believe. To attribute value to a guess really says much about a person. Perhaps I need remind you how the different scientific diciplines are so advanced now that even those who specialized themselves in a specific area of expertise don't have a clue what is going on in that specific area. These are our smartest people and they are making maximum effort towards trying to understand their specialization.

For the untrained guess workers the truth is entirely out of reach. Heavier than air flying machines are impossible (because some celebrity said so) boats made of steel will sink (because some celebrity said so) germs exist only in peoples imagination, radiation is perfectly harmless etc etc those are good examples of guesses. If some one told you about radio without you ever seeing one you would burst out in laughter. Likewise many scientists who are totally unfamiliar with antigravity research, air ionization or even there being pyramids all over the world will simply attribute absolute truth to their guess work. And after that happens their scientific inquiry ends and the truth will never become part of their doctrine. Even when lots of pressure is applied they will vigorously fight that what they asserted not to exist.

The idea things at-first need to be believed or disbelieved is totally idiotic. We need to investigate things first then A) the data either speaks for it self or B) there is insufficient data available. Never does guess work have any value let alone make a closing argument.

At the very least you can enjoy this short film and search the web for the many topics covered. Those who look might be surprised what they find. :-)

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