Arctic Pilots Witness North Polar Entrance to Hollow Earth

Ivars, a security consultant describes his experience interviewing a pilot who claims to have flown in the arctic many times and to have seen the "gaping hole" at the top of the world which is the entrance to the inner Earth. He claims that many arctic pilots are very aware of this enigma at the top of the planet yet agree to remain silent for the sake of their careers. Indeed, the earth is hollow and there is a giant hole at the top and bottom of the world where our poles are supposed to be.
rbd0 > Arctic Pilots Witness North Polar Entrance to Hollow Earth Ivars

According to many legends and theories, the extreme poles of the earth may actually be the location of concealed portals to the inner realms of our world! It is a strong desire of a small circle of my friends to validate the theories that have circulated for centuries about the purported existence of societies that make their habitation within the inner depths of planet earth! Crazy?! Perhaps but how can we be truly certain?

Could the earth, moon, planets and stars all be hollow bodies? Amazingly, the answer is Yes! And very likely inhabited within!