Copyright isn't just hurting creativity: it's killing science

The Architecture of Access to Scientific Knowledge from lessig on Vimeo.

Copyleft crusader and Harvard professor Larry Lessig gave a new talk at CERN last week about copyright and how it has affected open access to academic or scientific information, with a bit of commentary about YouTube Copyright School. As usual, itís blistering commentary. ďItís time to recognize that free access Ė as in Ďfreeí as in speech access Ė is no fad, and itís time to push this non-fad war broadly in the context of science,Ē says Lessig. Whereas copyright tends to focus on protecting artistsí ability to make money from their work, scientists donít use similar incentives. And yet, her work is often kept within the gates of the ivory tower, reserved for those whose universities or institutions have purchased access, often at high costs. And for science in the age of the internet, which wants ideas to spread as widely as possible to encourage more creativity and development, this isnít just bad: itís immoral.
Lessig: Copyright isn't just hurting creativity: it's killing science (video) | Motherboard