Pseudoskeptics Randi already proved dowsing in 1980-- Arthur C Clarke

Clarke and Randi across this 1980 study, came to opposite conclusions. Clarke explains how Randi cheated to cover the fact he had accidentally proven water dowsing. Clark then produces an experiment where random people off the street, like YOU, can get a detectable visible rod signal, in minutes, over a concealed magnetic anomaly ( coat hangar)
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I don't believe in dowsing but magic Randi's total is 15 out of 111 which he claims is 12% me thinks 15 / 111 = 0.135135135

Also, what kind of water dowsing test involves 61 metals vs 50 water? The weird number of test also indicate uneven testing.

The end result for water is 22%, way beyond a random effect. One would need to repeat the experiment often enough, preferably with those who scored best.

The biggest flaw in the experiment is that the dowsers didn't get individual results.

This is like doing a test in school and the whole class getting one grade. No one would accept that so we shouldn't accept this act of data falsification from Randi either.

here is the entire video where we can see the magnitude of verbal trolling pseudoskeptics are known for.
James Randi tests water diviners and dowsers in Sydney, Australia in 1980. This was also the start of Australian Skeptics. This Documentary is also part of The Great Water Divining DVD, a fascinating look into the world of water divining in Australia over the last 26 years. It is also packed with observations and insights from diviners and skeptics alike. See James Randi make one of his finest appeals to reason and the skeptical point of view. See all sorts of diviners using all sorts of divining rods in hopes of winning the tests.
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Randi betrays his adoring supporters Pseudoskeptics Pt2

Randi's major betrayal of his pseudoskeptic following is revealed by the German Government 10 yr study into Dowsing which proved it as a physical repeatable scientific fact in 10 countries thus demolishing James Randi's crediblity to any "rational person" but not to his fans of course. But WHY does Randi do this? Answers within the video
kimbo99 > Randi betrays his adoring supporters Pseudoskeptics Pt2

Unconventional Water Detection: Field Test of the Dowsing Technique in Dry Zones

Department of Materials Science & E n g . , Stanford University, Stanford, C A 94305-220