How to do politics

Time for a short tale:

Many many years back in a small town in New Mexico, a third party presidential candidate was showing up as part of a whistle stop campaign. If I mentioned Which candidate it would date me :)

I was a young lad at the time and, though my father despised this candidate he, I, and most of the rest of the town went down to the train depot to see and hear. No other candidate was going to visit our hick town and other then watching the grass grow it was the only entertainment that day. The whole High School was let out for this occasion.

As we waited in the sun (New Mexico is hot in the spring and summer), two charter busses pull up marked "CBS" on a stick on label on the sides. Out of one steps a at the time well known "journalist", film crew, support people (including make-up, the fellow was sweating, poor dear), and caterers who proceeded to set up a lunch for the Bus people. Out of the other bus stepped about 25 ragged dressed people with signs.

  The second group arranged themselves on the track near the townspeople who stood wondering "What in the world...?".

Soon the train pulled in and the candidate walked out on the little platform on the back of the car and started to speak. The Charter bus crowed waved signs, shouted obscenities, and screamed so loud he could not be heard. He ducked back into the train which immediately left town.

  While all the towns folk, polietly stood there wondering  what was going on, the ill dressed crowd stood and shouted some more, brandishing their slogan signs even after the train pulled out but the cameras were still rolling. Then, properly primed and painted for the camera, the reporter (who I happened to be standing near) starts describing in somber tones, then brisk tones, then happy tones over and over the details of the local small town riot that, he assured his listeners happened when this evil candidate appeared. After his 5 minute over and over saying the same thing in slightly different ways, all the news crew and their ready-made-riot-for-hire broke for lunch and gathered together around the white tablecloths the caterers had set out.

  Soon the whole lot of them packed up and headed down the highway following the train.

That was the day I lost all respect for any "news" I see on TV, and most I read. Internet has been a boon because common people may lie too, but not as well choreographed, and with less makeup.
Time for a short tale: