How to speed up the Firefox user

Make Firefox Immediately Switch to a Newly Opened Tab Normally, when you click a link that opens a new tab (or hold down the Ctrl key while clicking a link, which forces a new tab to open), Firefox doesn't actually switch to that tab. It keeps you where you were. That doesn't make a ton of sense. After all, why would you open a new tab if you didn't want to view it right away?
How to speed up Firefox - How-to -
You click 4 or 5 links then you look at the pages. Try open some links on those pages also, 5,6 or 16 whatever you like. The Google zombies who type a search query then visit the first link and close the tab are not the more advanced users by any stretch of imagination. Just randomly clicking 5 links in 1/4 second is much better than sitting there gazing at the menu wondering what lures behind those links. I mean honestly, why even bother with the gazing? You are obviously never going to find out what the page looks like! Your head doesn't explode when you accidentally open a dumb page and no this doesn't take longer than gazing at the link. You can open 5 links in 1/4 second, and gesture, crtl+tab or scroll thought the tabs in the rest of that same second. ctrl+w if it looks really bad. You can do 300 keystrokes per second. The gazing at the menu from what I've seen takes well over 3 seconds. If the menu had 15 entries and you haz teh skillz you would have seen all those pages in those same 3 seconds but even if you middle click 1 link per second and spend 10 seconds (10 clicks) on a page, even then you get some kind of impression of the website. The gazing just isn't going to hack it.

I think I'm going to give windos lessons just so that I can slap people when they sit there motionless not reading, not surfing just gazing at the screen. Menus just aren't that interesting or useful even when there are text sniplets or sexy buttons to click on.

Just click on anything that looks remotely interesting right away, no "thinking"! Trust me you will recover from accidentally opening a page that isn't interesting enough.

Never wait for a page to load ever again and do it with 65 baud modem.

Ohhh and now you have 50 tabs open! The drama! What to do! I suggest actually learning to use the browser interface. The panic is clearly caused by the unexplored, the unknown. Where is your sense of adventure! The internet is a mysterious place with naked woman behind every door, you might get yourself in trouble or a digital computer disease, hell you might actually live a little!

I bet you must be like this in real life to, make a list of options then sit there and wait while doing nothing. (I don't consider trying to find a good excuse to do nothing to be "doing something".)

This isn't a motivational speech I just know this is how all of you think and think you use the internets.

*points finger at monitor*

*holds breath*

*balls fists*

*stomps foot*

I don't have to "see it to believe it". No the menus aren't interesting AND you aren't special. Life is just that simple.

We all know even you can learn this point and click thing and it sure wasn't my effort towards lecturing you that prevented you from applying this new found wisdom. We had already established how and why you failed at life. This is where it becomes obvious you wanted it this way. It was all your choice if you like.

This is not to say you can not become a first class programmer or become some other useful tool it is about my migraine from thinking about it. I can picture it clearly, this might also show why so many people chose not to have any imagination what~so~ever of any kind but that is a different story. In this exercise we assume there is at least one topic you find interesting, even if it is just food. Go to some food website, go click on links over~there. Or a turtle website, whatever.