Just imagine II

I have a great idea for a science fiction movie, all starts with the worlds governments passing around the hat and buying all tech and manufacturing companies. Having a job becomes a privilage for the extreamly nerdy, working people have no rights until they retire. The only punishment for politicians is the death penalty, everyone else can be sentenced to a political career which is for life permanent.

Everyone wears medieval costumes with public events. In one such event the politicians are put on a stage one by one and the crowd either cheers or screams boo while pointing their thumbs down. Their accomplishments and the accusations are read from a scroll by a guy with a powdered wig standing on a soap box. The people then vote keep or delete which will be referred to as the Jimbo Wales legal system. After that the politician is put to death and the next one is put on stage.

The only social problems that remain are ignorance, stupidity, laziness and selfishness, all considered very serious problems. If you are unlucky you might even end up in politics over it. Stupid people don't get to vote. Public broadcasting is limited to a vastly exaggerated version of history and it always ends with an explanation why it was all to blame on either ignorance, stupidity, laziness or selfishness or a combination of those.

Cynicism and skepticism is generally considered vulgar and disruptive. As the saying goes: "You sure sound like you have all the answers, you should go into politics."

Organized crime still exists but all the crooks live the luxury life of a politician. Everything goes just as long as you don't get caught. It usually boils down to "The bigger the criminal the harder they work". Serial killers are the most productive members of society.

In most cases death is replaced by The virtual reality. All politicians except one are available for consultancy 24/7 alto some have been mentally corrupted because long ago we ran more than one instance of them at the same time which sometimes confused them after reintegration.

The afterlife is generally a rather brutal place, many people hang out in Sto-vo-kor which is the Klingon afterlife but classics like world of warcraft and halflife are equally popular places. After 100 years or so the "people" living here are pretty much bat shit insane. Specially at first some do desire to reenter the world of the living using robot avatars but most inhabitants couldn't care less about the "real" world.

The future is a very special place, we don't have flying cars and we don't have maglev railroads in the sky but pizza hut is still here and so is McDonalds, they are state owned now and nobody works there but you wouldn't know the difference.