Moving the store fronteer - home shopping reloaded

Here is a nice business plan.

make the closset the property of the clothing store, like an embasy

magazines are spread in bundles arround here.

The first bundle contains new magazines. It is collected again after 1 week.

The second bundle contains magazines 1 week old, this one is also returned after 1 week.

The 3rd is the ecconomy contract, you get 2 week old magazines for a week, magazines already used by 2 other people.

The 4th contract is for 3 week old magazines, the only difference is that the customer gets to keep the magazines.

Likewise we populate 4 different closets.

If one choses the first contract the closet will be filled with brand new clothing. You pick something to wear, take it out of the plastic, then wear it for a month (at most)

On the second contract the closet is filled with (cleaned and repackaged) 1 month old clothing. If things dont get sold while still new they dont become part of this selection. Under the second contract you get to keep the cloths for 2 months.

The 3rd contract jields cloths previously worn by 2 other people, for a period of 3 months.

Package number 4 buys you clothing you can keep. These will be worn things but they did get chosen 3 times before. If there was a proverbial pink pants in the new selection it wont make it to tier 4.

For people who like to wear new things it should be hilarious to pay 12 euro for a 50 euro item. For people looking for keepers the 12 euro is a very good price for the 50 euro item. The 2 deals in between are not bad either. You can look sharp while really only paying a fraction of the previous user.

If things are returned in mint condition you pay a bit less, if they are used up you have to pick up the remaining bill.

If you buy more new cloths the return value per item goes up. When one was to return 30 items in mint condition over a month we should assume each set was worn 1 day.

If it looks like it was worn for 1 day, smells like it was worn for 1 day and sounds like it was worn for one day.

Then it can be sold as~if worn for 1 day. No one would particularly care if it was true or not.

When each new item of clothing sells for less than 10 euro people are not as motivated to complaint about it being 50 cents more or less.

The joy is in having a closet full of clothing that you can put on right now without worrying to much about how much it costs. The customer will just have a suit hanging there until we sell it to him.

The customer choses how often the content of the closet should be refreshed. One refresh every 2 months as the default, buy as many extra rotations as you want. Who knows who you are, it might be awesome to have a whole new set every day.

You make a nice dress, we put it in peoples closet until it gets sold. Or we return it to you.

A hundred, a million, it should work wonderfully.

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