A million years of leisure

We do need to work but only until all of the necessary work is done. After this comes a million years of leisure time. This is something beautiful. Why chose to see it any other way?

We should do things for a purpose. On a need to do bases. After spending all those generations working to get where we are now everyone should be entitled to at least some of the fruits.

Look at the technology, how far away could the million years of leisure possibly be? You know your technology? What magical missing component do we need to develop?

If you cant think of anything, how far into the future are we talking about?


We can sure imagine people will do bad things. Imagination does not legitimize plotting some sort of preemptive punishment of the species. We should reserve punishment for people who actually did something wrong and give them a trial and all that.

Whatever negative perspective you have on this is a product of your environment. You've learned to be who you are today because that is what works best in the current society. We both know that is the only appealing thing you see about the current state of affairs. This is not an actual argument. What could be more beautiful than the end of forced labor?

What if we turn the question around.

Lets say everyone gets some money every year and that it has been that way for as long as people can remember. Now you are going to introduce the imaginary work formula. Work without purpose, for the sake of work! We wouldn't be looking at your proposal, we would identify your state of mind as a disorder and try to help you recover from it. Would you find a whole percent to support your enslavement doctrine we would create a sort of reservation for you where you can live in your proverbial wigwam, exploiting all parts of the buffalo.

You can have it all, the 9 to 5 wage slavery, the wars for profit, a toxic environment with toxic people, expensive health care. We could even give you a monetized government to give that valuable direction to life you claimed to need.

The rest of us will learn all sorts of things, we would be be engaged in intellectual debates while traveling the world, inventing new technology to make things more efficient rather than to exploit people. Our entrepreneurs would snap their fingers and we would all be there for them. If there is something useful to do we would be very exited to help. We would finish the job then move on to more important things. Most useful tasks would be considered learning opportunities, the work would be it's own reward. Not all work can be done for free. We need an appropriate reward for the nasty job, the urgent one, the reliable and for the job that requires expertise.

It will be wonderful I assure you.

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