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Ok........the internet tutorial

I could write a book, but I prefer to keep it brief. But it still can be a story Image
It was about 2 years ago....

It started with a toolbar that installed itself  in my internet explorer. I started removing the applications I didn't use and did the usual scan for spyware Trojans and viruses.

Then I was struck with an amusing thought....

We hardly ever download any toolbars or other weird addons . You know those handy programs that claim to do all kinds of "useful" stuff. I would think "help an .exe, I'd better not download weird software like that" But what do all those weird toolbars do? That was an amusing thought. I honestly didn't have a clue, all of them are different. I thought I could do better as scream "help, malicious -exe-" at some dude's project?

So I started with a clean win 95 install and begun stacking tools. If one of em would demand resources things would become so laggy the web could not be surfed at all (as expected).  So I had to get rid of the resource hogs. Soon I had an insane number of tools running all working really smooth, still they had 95% useless features.

If you let your imagination go wild and make up a feature you would like their good odds some one has already made something just like that! Really far beyond your wildest imagination. (and mine) It would be a lot of work to explain what all the tools I currently use do, I can't begin to list all the things I've seen so far that really worked some miraculous  pipe dream down to earth.

this one is worth mentioning. Image

Bayden Systems - SlickRun SlickRun is a free floating command line utility for Windows. SlickRun gives you almost instant access to any program or website.

I use this to display the date and time with the windows task bar not set "always on top" but if you play with it a bit it can really do superb things.

to be continued...