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Lets make fun of Microsoft again

Where is my firmware OS???
The adware market can't be cleaned on the Windows Operating software thanks to the platform independence and support for exotic environments (read malicious). As an interview pointed out "the market will remain", I think Claira will write more acceptable spyware nested deep into the Operating software.

BIOS is the operating system and Windows is a dos application.

Thats why the memory test is running, first it boots the os then it tests the memory. How clearly is it that BIOS is the os this posses is running on? Without BIOS you can't install anything, this is what the programs run on, this is doing all the tasks. If you press del you even get a graphical interface.

This graphical interface IS YOUR COMPUTER. The rest is just applications - programs running on it. A operating system is hardware based, 99% read-only and is stuck on or in other words "physically attached" to the main board. Why do game and video card developers have to build a whole new system on the video card? And why is it preforming better as the main cpu? The common excuse that the main cpu is doing other stuff is not valid, it's running last minute hack fix processes with glue all over the edges( read encoded).

Comment by Jason
Only the Windows 9X series were DOS-based applications. The NT lineup including 2000 and XP have been standalone and solid 32-bit operating systems. And while the BIOS is certainly a core level OS that does not mean the Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc. are not OSs in their own right. In fact, the term OS is not definite, it refers to all programs and such which facilitate the running of a system, not simply the barebones operations of the CPU and RAM. I don't think any computer professional would admit that the computers only or primary OS is the BIOS.

It's all software based graphical interfaces with lots of hacking the hardware to work. Hardware drivers? All hacks! Thats some crap hardware you make if you need software to make sense of it.  O wait that was the Microsoft contribution. "We will make the machine work with a software program!" There is nothing cool about being able to change all code. I want my OS to stay were it is, to not move at all. And that doesn't mean it wont have enough variables to work properly. It should not have to load from disk, it could run straight from it's storage. Or copy an image to ram.

Comment by Jason
As for video cards, it is clear that as gaming technology advanced more gains would be made by having more processing power as video rendering is one of the most CPU intensive processes that can be run, so I don't understand why one wouldn't think a video card with GPU would run better than a CPU which is running the various applications of an operating system.

CPU is running hacks and patches, yes. My point is "why emulate dos if you can have the real thing?". Is it more save emulated? But lets make the funny point that it still runs dos then? It's only an emulation from it's replacement but then it still runs dos. (read malicious)  But I could argue that there is neither forward nor backward compatibility so it doesn't operate anything really. In the superficial glance I had at and with my limited know how I can see that it's no more as a stone throw away from real dos. What are we insulting dos here for anyway? DOS is really cool, it can do everything M$ barely added anything to it but what they added didn't work over and over again. Now credit card info is freely available and my pc is invaded as if I'm napster myself. LOL

Thats Windows added to dos, that and you need cd's now to install a basic hardware configuration, I'm not talking about 1 or 2 of em, a cd for each card, but only if you manage to update the raw install over the internet.

Were is my read-only operating system?