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why tele2 sucks

Image I was trying to buy a phone from them for 10 € per month and was rejected for lack of  credit. Yes, they claimed that 10 € was beyond my financial boundarys.

If only that was the end of it! They send me a confirmation email with every last personal detail, things I store far away from each other. My full name, sex, date of birth, location of birth, maiden name of my mother, locations I lived at, my bank numbers, my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, my phone numbers EVERY FUCKING THING in 1 email.

I send email to ask for an explanation and get nothing but auto replys:  "sorry we have no time to reply to your message in person" I  search the web using a part of the email as a search string. And what do I find? Endless piles of emails with personal information send by TELE2. Most had blanked out the personal information before posting it, but that was because they posted it them selfs.

WTF!!! I get upset if my personal information is stored on a pc connected to the web 24/7 ???? But now it's stored in the TELE2 email application. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

There are no passwords or logins, it's almost impossible to change your tele2 information but every one has it if they do.  For years people get mail orders they didn't request, bills they cant possibly be responsible for them self.  They claim I wasn't capable to pay 10 € per month.  I call them to ask for an explanation, they say that it's 100% normal.  I spend more as 10 euro on phone calls to the helpless desk.

I call them to ask for an explanation, they say that it's 100% normal.  "we cant help you sir"
All I got was thank you for waiting on the line for 20 min and paying for it please go away now. Why does one-tel have a https:// logging with a full blown web based account manager??
Clearly explained above "TELE2 thinks thats not normal"

People don't need an account with TELE2 they only need to pay and to give their personal data. Am I wrong to conclude that if they don't want 10 € from me they are looking for something else?

For this insult I role out my personal vengeance module.

People using tele2  (at least in holland) are perfect for all of your direct mail purposes. Can even call them for free ! As they have a perfect credit history and don't care about their personal data so much. All thanks to Irene Bos Tele2 Nederland BV.

TELE2 now offers internet without a provider log in!