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Becky L
Mr Chaos
Noone has ever figured out the Mr Chaos pics...and its so...simple...Permanent Link
A peek into my brain? Ok..stop now, it hurts. there an analyst in the house?Permanent Link
Its so clear that I made no effort.Comments

Coca-Cola Chill Mais uma bela mesa de mixagem produzida em FlashPermanent Link

wreck of the dayDriving away from the wreck of the dayPermanent Link

Gudmundur K
Yahoo! 360° Yahoo! 360° is like a huge meeting. Permanent Link

Jaques C
Crazy meuther fucker. Teuday I went toeu the gasstion because the tank of my Remault was empty. Permanent Link

Scamming a eBay Scammer What a great story about a guy getting over on someone trying to scam him through eBay. Permanent Link

Thoughts on a news photo This morning's Yahoo news photo highlight reminded me of the Bandung conference and the founding of the Non Aligned movement. Permanent Link

Nica M
My new kitty! She's so cute.... Permanent Link

Just recorded our show... So, we just did our show the SloerieSource... was fun again :-) for the English show you can go here :-D

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