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Thunderbird OPML and pop3 gmail setup
>> -------------Gaby wrote:
>> Come check out my new yahoo 360 comment system. (8')(8')
>-------------an ope... wrote:
>I'm having problems with it and gmail....

In my post about the 360 XML feeds I stuffed into an OPML I also advertised RSSOwl

For email  you could try install tunderbird, I help you with setting gmail up. I use that for sending mail and of course testing it's newsreader extensions. :)

I hope I don't have to explain why it's useful, please just download the things and try em, I'm sure you'll luve it. ^_^ Thunderbird - Reclaim Your Inbox


here is a hack to use the OPML file with it, it's really not hard to set up!

Download the patched copy of newsblog.jar dump that on the desktop or some place else you can find it.

Now, find the original newsblog.jar file and rename it into newsblogjar.orig
Then simply put the new version in its place.

It should be under Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\chrome\
Here is the full text: geek ramblings ยป Thunderbird 1.0 OPML Import/Export

The newsblog jar file (if you cant find it on that page). newsblog.jar

setting up gmail:

tools > account settings

server name: port: 995 and use SSL
fill in your full email as the user name and you will be prompted for your password if your get your mail.

oh and the OPML is on my blogroll of course ^_^

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