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Using yahoo tools to do it

In a few previous posts I tested the group service as a comment tool, I'm really confused about this now, obviously this is a bit more complicated as just leaving a blog comment for you. But I can promise you that the discussion group was engineered as a means of  communication. And this had a lot more thought development and creativity as any blog service on the market. It's even questionable if the group isn't a to complicated tool for this purpose.

I knew this would result in less comments on this blog, but if you really have something to say this wont stop you.

Setting up a new discussion group can be hard, a good subject is hard to find, your comments on the group appear as new postings by a new group user.  I stead of "hello, ... welcome to the group" I'm A bit confused by who is who now. haha

My instinct says ....... if you can have fun posting  "teeeeeeeeeessssssssttttt" in my group and I enjoy seeing a message like that ...... then we must be on to something.Image

A good example is your email questions, I changed into the free email help desk the moment I set the comments on.

People use their own domain/provider mail, gmail and yahoo mail with various builds of outlook and Thunderbird. Looking at my previous post I see myself promote non yahoo rss reading gmail and Thunderbird. HAHAHA oeps....

Ok, here is the way to read yahoo web mail in Thunderbird.

I don't know if this is allowed!!

If you have the yahoo desktop stuff, you can set your mail program in the internet explorer settings to yahoo. Then a nice IE directX window pops up when you click a mailto: link (like, send your comment) Even works from Firefox & Opera. (hahaha)

As a note about the comments here:
Yahoo mailto: supports a preformatted title and body text in a link what I used for the "comment posted on http://...." and the RE:Post title. Yahoo mailto: didn't support  line breaks
%A0 so I use only 1 line now.

For reading rss in my yahoo I'm cooking up something that even I think is hilariously hi tech. But thats for later. Image

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