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Entry for Jan 03, 2100

the problem with mass communication is that no one is able to read all the messages, things go unread.

I am convinced that this could be solved by the poster sorting his own message after writing it.

Labels are good but categorys are needed as well, a voting system based on the tags so readers can add tags and vote for how well the post scores for it. Then the tag can have it's own blog like page with cut off posts and read more >> links , a page about any subject would appear as soon as the tag is first created.  My post here could have 100 tags and be the NR 1 article for a lot of those tags. Image Only a short post should appear in the tag blog. It would look like a search page but have the posters avatars, top page, blog, friends, groups links and an online status icon, just like a blog post. Now the trick would be to force the writer to add at least 10 tags to each article. The reader would have the option to create more tags and vote for each tag. I know how close this is to myweb and technorati but it's not very logical or demanded in this blog interface.

I think this would turn the old post problem into an advantage. The general idea is still vague but I think it's the way to make something that is interesting permanently, not just today's blog topic. And see all my other posts with their comments vanish slowly into a next page link......


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