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The services to use

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I tested the first one, it wants to send email and they review your blog in person. Googlebar autofilled only 1 box Gaby

Bloggernity is fairly straight-forward and very easy to understand. Not much info to fill out and stuff. The human review sounds nice, although I feel a scipted response is coming my way. Will keep you posted when it comes. Also comes with a nice button link. Eggie


Good to, has a pasword firefox rememberd it, googlebar filled out 1 form box, can click here to see this blog and vote in my blogroll^_^ Gaby

BlogHop's rating thing is good, again very easy to navigate. Though after clicking "This is The Best" button for your blog rating Gaby, there's just silence (figuratively). Eggie


Nice and really easy to use. Have to make a pasword but don't need to fill in a lot, Google bar filled out 1 form and picked 1 dropdown, firefox did not remember the password. Gaby


Have to sign up make a user name use a confirmation code from an email. 1 form box filled by the google bar. Gaby


Technorati...doesnt do a thing for me. I dont see much point in it past their feature of see who links to your blog. an ope...

I only know Technorati... and to be honest I don't really use it that much, I need to start using Tags on our sites. What I do use is some Feeds from Technorati Tags, that works fine...DucSlo...

I also use technorati Guilla...


Feedster...seems I have used it and it was slow as f*ck. an ope...

Hiya, On Feedster, we've managed to speed it up considerably and consistently since mid-May or so. It was terribly slow beforehand, but it's gotten a lot better. Give it another shot if you have a second (or maybe two :) ). Best, ScottR - Feedster Rafer


From the page: NOTE: Submitted sites must be news sites or weblogs that update and provide information on a timely basis. Other sites will not be included since this is a current events search engine. Only the front page of a weblog is scanned, while news sites are usually crawled at least one deep. I picked this one from the list to test. Although I did not submit my blog, I found that the content here, web blogs and news agencies, are current. The content of the weblogs range from poaching an egg to software to ipods. The news blogs cover a wide variety of news. You will find local, national and international news blogs here. Daypop uses a keyword system to link contents. A good thing when wanting varying perspectives on the same subject. Daypop has achieved its intent of supplying timely updated blogs. Worth a browse for sure. pl8lun... a great starting point and they have alot of follow up links...BUT...tons of ads and annoying things floating on the screen that piss me ope...

RSS - RSS Network 

is THE place to go.Guilla...

RSS - Yahoo!

I like Yahoo-RSS...I can get stuff on my My Yahoo pages, and like doing ope...


 I've used before and thought they had a good thing going. They always seem to have good content around ranging from different categories.Steven...

So far you have to manualy ping the when you update your blog with a new entry, but I think this would be automated in some way. How to push your Blog into the WWW (Wild World Web) Trifon


 I use Guilla...

Okee, please do keep adding your blogs to the internet and update us!

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