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about the view all updates page

I think the view all updates is not used by anyone? The link is some what hidden but the page is really useful. Can sort your 360 contacts to! Just make some groups and view their lists or their blasts.  I just made a group with contacts that actually invited others to read their blog!  I think thats the best PING service we have. Please do use it!

 I like commenting your blog but I would also like some one to read what I wrote and reply to my comment. Do I dare say demand?  ok ....I even dare say that I demand this, I can already send you email and I almost never do this.

I prefer to read a blog with a lot of contacts attached to it.  Simply because I can't have more readers by making more comments.  I can comment what I read only, I can only try put em in the right spot.

I'm not looking for traffic, I just want you to think about inviting more people. some of my fiends barely didn't send any invite. Who are they writing for then? I really don't get it! Just visit some of your friends - friends blogs.  I found so many fun blog you probably didn't look if you have no connections. Image Now we should look at yours?

You could also make a blog for your friends network only, then 1 reader is enough. But if your making a public blog you should really try to keep it public?  I think some of my friends could invite more friends..... maybe I'm wrong, wont be the first time.....

It's not a lot of work to send an invitation, I bet you like getting em to why not send a few? I think it's a brilliant way to bookmark a weblog, makes it really easy to revisit (if it's updated).

I just write about anything that pops into my mind. Now it's your turn. Image
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