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End of the 360 beta

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I'm convinced a lot of the 360 users left because the team didn't blog, the tools on the service are not that bad... well actually it's a pretty bad service. haha But the point is to post easy and to post often. Lets say I'm a newb and I will take the advice from the team blogers, they should know! It's like cooking food but refusing to eat it yourself. Need I remind you that this blog is linked from the yahoo profiles? What I found interesting and in the same time very useful is to open contest or let users create skins, templates and submit them to the original sites, where there are rated by the users and available for everyone to use it. This could extent to side blocks, everyone could add to their Y!360 home pages - calendars, local weather, box for blog statistics - how many blog entries, how many comments/views, favorite RSS feeds, etc. Once users have the API or guidelines to create such blocks/templates/skins, the creativity would explode and the site would enjoy popularity as customizable and fast improving one. It's a free and quick R&D from all users to Y!360, instead of the current model from Y!360 developers to the many users. Lots of great ideas could be born and developed when people are given sandbox to play into. C'mon guys...things are now getting too boring here. Having 200 comments to just one blog post is no big joke. It's been too long a time since you guys have directly spoken to us. We out here got absolutely no clue what's going on? Can't you guys at least give us a clue what's going on...what feature set you currently working on...and what kinda problem you are facing...? At least that ways we'll know that the work is going on...doesn't matter if there hasn't been any innovation for quite some time now. Speak up, guys!! It's high time now...!!I think the feature set is compact enough to fit the whole blog in the rss. The picture and the comment/permalink footer, give me a feed with 50-500 postings in it so I can post them on myweb with those nice tags :) , I want a link to my yahoo-photo shows and one to my yahoo groups. That would make things interesting. If the goal of 360 was to create a cool rss-feed the poor feature set would work for you, not against you. Then I still want a version of the friends page in OPML format or the rss icons of my friends on there. And you should buy some rss-reader project for me, there must be a million out there that are good enough to brand with the YAhoOO name. Go shop.... Make it so that we can grab a few OPML's and track a few 100 360 blogs (with a simple reader) my yahoo is just silly by now and you know it, the only cool thing about it is that you can click the add to my yahoo buttons all over the web. It use to be really cool and then there was made nothing of it. There are a zillion cool newsreaders out there, you cant say thats a lie? Lots of em charge money even, can you imagine? It can have those launch cast and yahoo news tabs? (Like in the audible client)What are we to do with all this rss stuff yahoo offers, should we not have a news reader app? Please let some one climb into the yahoo engine and change this. I don't like endless beta's but everything is permanent here. We've been using our Blog Comments page to track all your great feedback. Really. Keep it coming. Dude, you only have 3 posts in your team blog, your comments page looks the same as the blog. I know your debugging but it's probably better to make something new. Another thing about blogging, there are way to few topics in this blog, they lack content and those comments that do cover the subject (the comment page?) are way to hidden for you to ever find em. I would make a post about each feature so we can comment on that. Then you can read comments about stuff thats on the work bench, if you post a reply you will see more comments in that location. <sarcasm> Maybe we should all post like you do here? 1 time every few months or so, who cares</sarcasm>

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