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A list I wanted to bookmark some place Image

The Apache Software Foundation (ideas)
Blender (ideas)
Bricolage (ideas)
Codehaus (ideas)
Drupal (ideas)
Fedora Core (ideas)
FreeBSD (ideas)
Gaim (ideas)
Gallery (ideas)
The Gnome Foundation (ideas) (ideas)
Horde (ideas)
Inkscape (ideas)
Internet2 (ideas)
JXTA (ideas)
KDE (ideas)
Project Looking Glass (ideas)
LispNYC (ideas)
LiveJournal (ideas)
Mambo (ideas)
The Mono Project (ideas)
Monotone (ideas)
MozDev (ideas)
NetBSD (ideas)
NMap (ideas)
OhioLink (ideas)
OpenOffice (ideas)
OSCAR (ideas)
The Perl Foundation (submission guidelines & ideas)
Portland State University (ideas)
The Python Software Foundation (ideas)
Samba (ideas)
Semedia (ideas)
The Subversion Project (ideas)
Ubuntu Linux (ideas)
The Wine Project (ideas)
WinLibre (ideas)
XWiki (ideas)

I don't have a clue what to write but can force myself to write about this, not that that would make it an intersting one but this blog does needs a few more words by me and I have lots of those. Image I would like to anounce my latest template recreation, the image and the black in the background are new. (well at least for me and the blog) Can you give me an idea how it looks?