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ConQuery is an extension for Firefox/Mozilla/Thunderbird/Mozilla Mail. It allows to query web services via context menu of the browser. Queries may contain various parameters of curriently browsing web page, such as: selected text, URL, host e.t.c. You can just pass this parameters to CGI's or evaluate them with regexps and use matches in queries. Variables can be used (or even act as) web services URLs.

   Each query can be configured right before execution, so you can edit contents of selected text, input additional data, or choose between various options.

   ConQuery uses small text files, called 'search plugins' for querying. You can use Mozilla (Mycroft) search plugins, or(and) ConQuery advanced search plugins (supports HTTP POST, multiple values in one INPUT and many more).
   This extension can be used just for searching or for easy working with advanced, complex web services.


After you have installed ConQuery, it autamatically detects all search engines installed under Firefox and displays them under "Query to..." entry of context menu. Now you are able to search selected word or phrase via one of the listed search engines.
More search engines can be found at Mycroft (Mozilla search) project. It is not necessary to restart browser after installing search plugins.