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RE: pl8lunch's (aka �at) blog - Testing Another Guest Map From Bravenet

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The idea is pretty nice but I don't like the way it's made, it gave me 3 popups (1 full screen) going in and 2 popups closing the page. Then there is advertising on the instructions to. I don't respect adds on things so cheap, It needs to be a lot bigger I'm standing exactly were joost stands. O_O Cant have fiends need by?

 I think they should at least finish it before slapping adds on it? This is not a "state of the art" project that took huge piles of programing or big server loads. If they scrap the spam it's ok, but if they want to keep the spam they should at least make the zoom work and add the county names.

Google maps offers tools for developers to make their own version of the maps.(and add their own information) Thats google service is free to use, so the adds are only here to support the comment box? They need to earn 20 cents on me just to host 1 comment? If that was acceptable Yahoo should charge me 100$ for my 500 comments. hahaha There must be better versions of this idea, cuz like I sad the idea is great. :)
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Now I should be looking for that better map Image