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RE: Knowing Humans - Euro-Excuserosis

We do have a lot of volunteers, this is what that means

And you have.... starvation?

How do you justify letting people starve in the richest country in the world? I can link you to a story of a 13 year old girl walking 200 miles in the snow on bear feet. And it's not like thats any kind of exceptional situation. We have lost some of our efficiency but the EU economy is over 2000 years old. Forced labor in prison does not exits. People can smoke a joint but are not allowed to own guns. We have real elections and count 100% of the votes. All have a pension all have health care. You argue the people with food should have more and those with non should get less? If the professor is to lazy to do it himself he will have to hire some one, we then feed others from his lazy money. But lets put some logic in this: Holland 17 million people 200 partys to pick from. US 350 million people 2 dictators to pick from. Meaning, we vote for things that address our interest. This means an European has 40 000 times more influence on the government (not counting the 90% turn up referendums) Then you idiots are to apes like to count the votes. So, if it's going well in the US your damn lucky! Thats why ! We have 4 million percent more democracy. 4 million, yes 4 million percent more democracy, you need to hear this again? = 4 000 000% You was lucky! But Compare us to Asia and look at art and culture, Europeans and Americans are just as undeveloped and uncivilized. We are racist pigs that lick each others anus for a living. It's called lobbying. You better not be Chinese doing that.
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The 4  million percent is well reflected in the little girl. Not one american would want that to happen to her. Lets hope your dictator will notice her one day!