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I hate multinationals

I buy a new phone, I try to disable voice mail. I read the whole fucking guidebook and it says nothing but "call the automated helpless desk" then I make an account and log into the site. Were they point me to the help desk phone number to turn it off.

Then I call the help desk and get lost in a forest of press 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and after pressing 4 3 1 4 and 1 I finally arrive at the voice mail menu. They explain how I can listen to my voice mail, and that I need a different phone number to listen to it, I can go back to the main menu by pressing 0 end of message ? o no ! if you want to disable voice mail you can type ##002# and press send.

O great it was only a 7 minute phone call after reading the guide and reading all of their website.

I press ##002# and click on send.... guess what? It didn't work!! After an hour of anger about voice mail.

I mean, sign me up for stuff without asking me if I would like to pay for it?  Are they nuts?

I don't think my question was verry complicated????


I've called 6 or 7 times now, typed the code to turn it off at least 20 times. Send 10 emails asking for the simple answer.  I really spend over 2 hours trying to kill the voicemail. Trying to cancel something I've never asked for. O_O I have no more words for it.....