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Flickr, Blog Comment Alerts and more... Whew, what a week! We just released a batch of long-awaited new features and we hope you're as excited about them as we are. As always, we're counting on your feedback. For starters, "Feeds" -- the kind that make it easy to share your original web content, regardless of where it lives on the Web. Now you can bring it all onto your Yahoo! 360 page to share with family and friends. Display updated posts from your blogs (Live Journal, Typepad, Xanga, and Wordpress), your Netflix movie queue or movie recommendations, and much, much more. You'll find the new "Feeds" module by clicking "My Page." Next, we've hooked up with Flickr so you can link to your Flickr photostream and show it off on your own 360 page. Whenever you upload new photos to Flickr, the display on your page is automatically updated. Plus, you can customize the number of photos displayed. This is a great way to introduce your friends to photo-sharing fun, Flickr style. Want to find out every time someone posts a comment on your blog? Now you can set up yourself up with comment alerts: Click Settings in the upper right, then click Alerts. Select the "Blog Comments" checkbox to see what people are saying. Be sure to choose a delivery method. And finally, something completely different: Blast balloons! Give your blast a graphical treatment: let it yell, whisper, ponder, sell something, ask a question or quote someone else. Your blast message is even more expressive with a comic strip style "balloon" wrapped around it. Do you think we should call it an "emotiblast"? Tell us what's on your mind.
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by pl8lun...
> How about separate columns for new blog entries and friend's feeds on our home page?
> That way our friends' feeds can scroll all they want to and I won't miss any real blog entries.
>Just a thought. . .

Thats a great idea, I was thinking the exact same thing! We would not need anything else for a
team blog. This also fixes the low number of posts on the blog. 5 is not a lot, I have blogs
with 300 posts on the front page, that makes search work.


I could write 3 posts about yahoo 360 but post NR 4 could be about "that blog service"
effectively having no keywords related to the subject. It's clear to both reader and yahoo bot
what the post is about for as long as the other 3 posts are on the same page. a search for:
"yahoo 360 blog service" would only work if the posts are on one page.

The lay out is pretty but the post area is to big to write a simple post. 20 words look
better on 2 rows. If we had a summery of our friend posts in a sidebar on the right or at the
bottom we would read more of em.

I would just like to have an option to move on to the next blog after reading one.
Maybe just put a link to "view all updates" at the bottom of the blogs.

I think the blog images should go 3 on a row on 1280px(cut the spacing). The popup slide show doesn't offer a link back to the post about the picture. I've found various slide shows in google, there is no way to find the owner of it. ha-ha!

How do I get back to the blog? You cant see who posted this page.

It's a picture blog by qLC8vkA7cqvcq397bHhFBXvqHpDZC6AdsH4FXe6a3A-- resistance is futile! HAHAHA