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RE: good LORD look at all the updates

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IM well, why should I write two blogs when I already write my blog somewhere else?

A blog gets a lot better if it has a clear subject. I run a nice photography blog, if I would write posts in that it would become one of those blogs that I write posts in. (o no!) I don't think my blog writing as displayed here would do my awesome imaging blogy any good. And neither can you. With yahoo 360 one can make a blog for a selection of friends AND do a public blog. Thats something I didn't see on other services, it makes a good private blog but sadly allows a maximum of one blogs. Made me pick photography or writing, the yahoo360 photo stuff isn't up to my standards at all leaving just writing to do here. (was trying to avoid that) The profile now shows my photography blog my flickr pic's and my yahoo photo slideshows, it's great! 2 other feeds. :) I picked a blog with firefox extensions and a yahoo group, It's by far my best profile on the web now. It's better as my resume.

300$ per year is really cheap for a hobby, We cant spend our money on our blog atm. What if we could buy traffic and make money by advertising ONLY 360 blogs? Put em at the left bottom on the profile and let us earn few cents to spend on clicks again. It doesn't have to be profitable. Just a game with pennies until we understand what bucks are worth to our web page. Could be a lot could be nothing, depends on the person. I think it's a really friendly version of the advertising eavol. :D But it's just an idea plz ignore. lol

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