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RE: Comment spam and trolls!

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Calling a persons opinion spamm is a lot more rude as posting a link to a website on a million places. If any one takes the time to write a comment you don't want on your page you just click delete. Not a lot of work compared to reading writing and posting it?

I think the owners of successful websites should grow up and stop acting like little baby's. I hate how I have ONE comment per month, do you dare suggest something should be done about that?

The current set up doesn't allow viewing old posts, now people can-not comment spam my 400 old post!!!!
This of course is TEH SUCK, (baited - na na nana na). In the opinion that is my own I think priority should be "displaying the blog". Then do something to limit spam if it exists. There 20 blogs with a page rank here? Why does my 400 post blog have no page rank?

Maybe the links to the actual posts are missing?? huh?

It's like a 6 pack of good beers missing the plastic thingy to keep em together. People ask me questions I wrote long posts about, I know from experience that finding the actual post will take more time as repeating myself.

We are allowed to make 1 blog about 1 whole subject. This is top amateurism, don't expect any spam on blogs missing the point. LOL

look, here I keep some firefox/google related news.
But the extensions I use are in this blog.
I barely ever update those blogs but some how people keep visiting? Strange huh? I did just remove 3 comment spams. lol I would like to make and post about that cool widget stuff.

Not in some new alias, but a real blog by me please. Image
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