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I love good (internet) tools but now that I've upgraded firefox and again having the extensions mess up.  Some don't work now some lost a button or 3.  A 1.06 version they call a huge update but still the basic browser UI has never been discussed. I remember how much they hated me for bringing up the lack of UI smoothness, called me a troll. LOL Image
Of course I misbehaved, you know me. I was just standing up for people that don't understand crap of their nerd gibberish. Image
Have a look at that holds 100 times the info Mozilla has. But the menu looks like this:

Nightlies | Fx | Tb | Suite | Cm   Releases | Fx 1.0.6 | DP a2 | Tb 1.0.6 | Tb 1.1a2 | 1.7.10 | Cm 0.8.4   Forums | Fx | Tb | Sm | Cm

ImageWhat you new B didn't know hwat a Fx is or a Tb?  puh you NOOB!! A new meaning to things like SM and CM, thats what we need!  Cant you make up from this that your browser needs to be updated to Fix 1.0.6? no? That means your a noob!! Image
Save your profiles bookmarks rss feeds and make a note with the extensions you use to use..... it's time for  01.00.06 a new generation of memory leaks.  Who needs an auto update if we can have a tar ball?

Firefox safe? haha!! It demands the use of extensions, the developers worked really hard to get em published but we can't blame them for slow updating or poor bug fixes. They've already invested loads of their own time to make em. All we can do is pray for them to find the time to patch a hole.

But Mozilla never figured out the basics:

 "build a community, register all users, make a survey, make a video tutorial"

Thats nothing special! Running any business you should have a look when the (potential) customers here from you. Then work really hard to make that process smooth and flawless.  No shit with FX and SM, find out were people get stuck and create communication. Make sure the client hears from you as soon as he or she needs that.

I imagine a 90 year old trying to install the thing. NO I don't think  he would ever click FX1.0.6 just to see what it does? Maybe if it was in the video? hummm.... but now?Image
Anyway, I still use firefox because it has lots of options for nerds.  Things that could be useful to anyone but are available in nerd format only.Image
Opera took to much time removing the nonsense from the interface. And it goes against my moral standards to support religious nonsense. Trust is earned, I won't have anyone tell me what to trust in. The statement is irrational, not trustworthy. Image Download Opera
They will probably use my money to buy guns and bombs to kill people, we know you god lovers. You like nothing more as kill slaughter and lie. That probably wasn't even save to write so mad are you. Image
Then there is nothing left but GREED to bring us forward. Looking at the Web Browsers in the Yahoo! Directory I found this gem called...

iRider - advanced multi-page web browser with a thumbnail navigation system and the ability to download pages in the background while you work.
Now I want to know why yahoo didn't buy this for me jet!! $&#%#

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