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Working at the ego enlargement


I have my thick skull and skin, my tremendous ignorance only overshadowed by my O so much to big ego. Still I don't go unaffected by people who's goal in life is to be as depressing as possible.  They are so skilled I'm not sure if ill be ever able to ignore them but can sure as hell try make em feel  how ugly their thoughts are.  I even need my sarcasm to keep the apes in the trees now. I never make jokes about people unless they specifically asked for it.

I live on social support only because all the licenses to do things in The Netherlands had owners 10 years before I was a liquid.  Economy is slowing down growth / competition is forbidden.

The average grandpa isn't doing as well for his business as when he was under 50. This makes a valid excuse to prevent new businesses arising. It's better for them if people like me stay at home and do nothing. For example a drivers license is around 20 times as expensive as I could afford.  Roads full of people who payed as good as nothing for it and knowledge of the rules is virtually non existent.

Political agendas relate the the cumbersome thought how the people that didn't get to participate in our economy will pay for the pensions of those hard working elderly. Yeah right! how? If I may ask? I'm not even allowed to work it appears. I can get a job but they offer nothing but factory work. I refuse to take a train and cycle 2 times 30 min true our beloved dutch whether in order to be part of some machine. That means you get their soaked and get to work like that. Really fun for a year or 2 but do need to move on. I may be stupid but I'm not that stupid!

And the next move is to call me depressing. I'm being realistic, our baby boomers made sure we cant do shit. They don't dig how stuff works but hell they sure own everything here. If you can name all the letters in the alphabet you can understand this is a scenario that has no future. I can't wait to move out of the country but don't have a clue were to go or what to do. I will probably wait until they screwed everything beyond prepare and start bugging us about their pensions.

How hard it is to understand? I don't work, you don't get a pension out of me.  Not evah! The do the equivalent of a lobotomy on new entrepreneurs so I think they should starve. Is that rude? Am I lazy?

The law forces one to pay for debt this is not the responsibility of the person lending the money, it's 100% the responsibility of the person borrowing it - in The Netherlands. So if you go bankrupt they take the rest of your money the rest of your live.

Honestly, it's a lot more efficient to just rob some one and get caught as to start a business and finding out your not able to pay your bills (likely in Holland) They assemble a team of grand papas  who will execute your public auction to pay for their own expenses doing that! You will have no stuff and they will triple your debt. Don't think you can get away from it. You shall pay grandpa!
Yes, in The Netherlands we kick disabled elderly people out of their house if they don't pay in time. Then we sell their stuff and send them the bill for the remaining costs. (which always is more as the original sum)
I make websites for free, thats the only way to use this skill here.

      "huh whaat? a website???", " isn't that something to do with the internet?". I remember some one talking about that. It's something to do with computers isn't it?"

Yes grandpa, are you digging it?

"oh,little 31 year old boy how many times do I have to explain we don't need the internet here, why don't you go do some nice construction work for us and screw your spine for us?"

Because, after getting of the train and riding my bike for 25 min. I have to see how you drive a Mercedes to that same company  and you  don't work at all.  You have no technical skill and no physical fitness but earn 5 times what I get slaving my ass off.

"ha, I can see why you want to make that website now, your trying to rip me off!"

--Thank you so much for your time grandpa, I will remember those words and go back home to the social support you wanted me to live on.

Didn't allow me a chance to start my own company, didn't allow educated work. Then didn't allow for any means of transportation to the retarded job to happen? So, I have to do nothing all day. I understand so clearly now.

Then again, if you need anyone skilled at Marketing, RND, human resources, presentation, management, photography UI crafting  or for anything else on that obviously useless IT department of yours.   Trust me to be refreshing and innovative. I go cheap on long projects and are really really expensive on the short.

I know what you want to say, "I'm not worthy!" my advice is to give it a shot anyway, perhaps your prejudgment isn't 100% valid. Imagine what that could mean!

- Gaby de Wilde