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Flickr or Hello?

ImageIf you had a chance to look at my previous few postings you see  Flickr has a tag system and a community going on. Hello has the superior picture size and load speed, I never seen 1 image that didn't load in hello but did put over 1000 online now.  (at least my) Flickr hosted pic's load only 29 out of 30 times.

The huge problem with hello is that no one would ever find your pictures. I think that beats posting them at 300 px. My desktop is 2300 px .... To me, this means "I didn't see the photos" at all.
(may have to load the main page first )

Now that shows my picture! You really see it like this! To bad no one would ever find a blogspot blog. hahaha I have about 50 pictures for each visitor, the horrible size flickr thumbs have about 5 views each. Thats 250 times as many!!! 24 900% more page views.

How to fix this dilemma?