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RE: Mister E.'s Blog - My Yahoo! 360� Wish List

 Mister E.'s Blog - My Yahoo! 360° Wish List

titles only - yes I demand an index. It really pisses me off because 360 effectively trashes the old posts now. If I make a website in html I make an index to(by hand even)

PAGE templates - I don't need.

hiding friends list - I get what you mean now. Yes we should not be forced to keep a public list.

Podcasting - I'm not a big fan but agree it's a must have.

Multiple blogs - Yes! We don't have a solid subject for our blog because we can have only one blog. I almost never post here but it's a really useful blog to a lot of people. This way google or yahoo-search can understand the subject and list the blog properly.

movie reviews - Sounds nice to have.

Blogrolls - I think it should be replaced by the javascript. like I made it here (on the left)

Polls - I don't know about that.

Edited - Should show if the post has comments. (like on some forums) This is needed because we cant delete comments but the owner of the blog can change the post (we replied to) as often as they like.

footer - I think we should have post templates that we can use for each post.

It's depressing how un-original this service is. I would not dare request anything futuristic as the basics are not here.

(example again) Y!Q can find keywords to do a search, 360 could easily tag and save my posts to my web. thats easy for 1 guy to make and really a lot of work to have us do it all by hand. You've already edited above 15 times! have to save images some place else but have to make tags by hand to? O_O

No tags + no index = a very sad blog service.

Tuesday, Aug 16, 2005 - 12:40pm (PDT)