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We still need TAGS and/or an INDEX to find stuff.
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You may know I do 100 inventions in an hour but first things first. If no one can find my posts there is no point in sharing a few 1000. I would like you(the reader) to find my 3 posts that do interest you. Is that to much to ask?

The so called feedback goes without reply, do you seriously want me to write an innovative business plan for free? Is an auto reply to much to ask? That to expensive?

"We are sorry, we've read your feedback and what you've requested is not possible at this moment"

We know you trow em on a pile and do nothing with them. Try proof me wrong  cuz you cant. Still you should send a reply to each idea send in. Even if you read nothing of it.

Good blogs have tags - We need tags - were are our tags????? HELLO??

The yahoo reply can only be:

A) "we are working at it"


B)  "not any time soon"

The current STFU we are your god does not fit your claim to need our feedback. It displays huge arrogance and ignorance. Take it from me cuz  like beauty it's  "in the eye of the beholder" Image I will now write a few new posts and this will vanish to page 2 so no one can find it in a day or so. This is so incredabably retarded that I find this description a perfect fit.

One could try act like I didn't post this 10 times already I guess. It's not like anyone could find those posts. So what's the point of writing em? AH?