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My comment on techi jimz post

I thought of the problem and bought 2 hard drives of the ordinary 15000 rpm put them in raid 1

Now it at least goes 3 times as fast as the normal crap.

Personally I almost cant stop laughing about the topic really. The first windows pc's had the OS hog system resources as if it was a game. (hahaha) Before those days we had the OS stored in other hardware, sure it was copyed to the working mem but that should not be nesasary today. But now we will sugest to put the data outside the normal storage??? MAN!! Windows is taking millions of times the resources it should take. I am not kidding! If we could use those for ordinary computing we could compress things to the size of a pea.

Maybe we just want 32 hardisks of 8 mb with a prosessor each? Lets say we have the CPU do nothing else as handle requests for screen realestate (bluescreening was from 1960?) and have the serverCPU draw us a picture on the monitor.  (or what ever it's called, render the pixle?)

Windows is the bottleneck. It was great for making a working pc with just about any heap of hardware. That was really really cool in 1995. But now we build pc's for a dynamic platform.

Maybe greasemonkey had a good example of the same thing. They moved GM operations away from the page rendering zone. That same way the os should be moved outside the workspace.