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The previous application is for smarty peoples only (read nerds) so lets have a look at the stats for that site and see where the smart people live on this world. Given some pretty acceptable spoilage of relevant data we can extract the exact intelligence straight from this numbers in the box here. Canada contains 1/10 of US intelligence but tremendously overshadowed by the Brits.


Now I can't help but notice the page was written in English a popular and successful language (those points go to the Brits to) it was not written in German at all, and it wasn't written in Italian or France and it wasn't Swedish either.

It had to be written in English or else you know who would never understand it.

Given all this obviously scientific facts I conclude Americans have an effective intelligence output of 0.03 or 3% on the scale of Richter.

This is all true because I have a swimming diploma. Image

Country of origin
1.United States15299627.9 %
2.Germany10005918.2 %
3.Netherlands, The5601410.2 %
4.United Kingdom296185.4 %
5.Canada192123.5 %
6.France141662.6 %
7.Italy139692.5 %
8.Russia129462.4 %
9.Switzerland116862.1 %
10.Sweden109952.0 %
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I have no relation with the author of this fantastic software and do not claim I do either.

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